If you’re planning to purchase a home in Connecticut or Massachusetts, or if you want to acquire an investment property or other piece of commercial real estate, you may think that simply hiring an experienced real estate agent is enough.

However, if you don’t consult with a lawyer who practices commercial or residential real estate law, you could end up with a legal nightmare when it comes to property ownership. Garvey Law helps commercial and private clients complete closings and navigate other legal aspects of the real estate transaction process.

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Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate attorneys represent clients in real estate transactions in numerous ways, including negotiating terms, drafting contracts, and conducting title searches to ensure that each transaction is clean; that is, that the seller can legally transfer the property freely and clearly to the buyer.

As your advocate in negotiations, your real estate attorney can ensure that any transaction you enter has terms that favor your interests, not just those of a real estate agent.

Real estate lawyers also review any contracts and other legal documents before you sign, ensuring that each one is fair and will not impact your sales or purchase goals.

The purchase agreement is the most important component of any real estate transaction. Obtaining legal advice before reviewing a presented agreement or consulting with a lawyer to draft yours can protect you from expensive and messy legal issues.

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Real Estate Eventualities

Real estate lawyers also review any contracts and other legal documents before you sign, ensuring that each one is fair and will not impact your sales or purchase goals.

They consider any eventuality in the transaction process, such as:

Solving a problem between buyer and seller, such as one party backing out after accepting an offer

Fairly allocating repair costs after a property inspection

Facilitating a short sale situation

Buying interest in a property from a partner or family member

Conducting large commercial or agricultural property transactions

Negotiating property sales when a tenant occupies the property

Negotiating a fair price for a property with significant structural issues

What Documents Do I Need for Real Estate Closings in Connecticut and Massachusetts?

Real estate closings are the formal sale and purchase of a property. The process involves more than just signing a contract and handing over the keys. Real estate lawyers review all documents for you and ensure they are complete according to state law. They might do the following before you officially close on a property:

Additionally, if you’re considering purchasing a property, we can offer a professional legal opinion on your potential investment.


Conduct title searches and approve title insurance


Review the deed to the property and its transfer


Draft or approve the settlement statement


Draft or approve all mortgage and refinancing documents, including any construction loan documents


Verify the legality of any structure on the property


Review closing disclosures and approve


Review the sales contract


Conduct local government records searches and verify seller disclosures with survey and building plans


Ensure compliance with all local and state zoning and planning regulations

Real Estate Services Garvey Law Provides

Garvey Law provides clients with comprehensive residential and commercial real estate law services at multiple locations for convenient closings. We review all contracts and documents before the closing date, including complex and highly customized commercial real estate transactions.
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We also provide real estate closing, title, and escrow services for both commercial and residential real estate transactions, including hosting closings and holding funds in escrow for one or both parties.

Our powerful combination of legal knowledge and scrupulous attention to detail, coupled with our business acumen, helps our clients achieve their real estate goals.

We also help lenders pursue foreclosure procedures and can act as a mediator between a lender and a borrower in default. We work to avoid the costly and complex foreclosure process but understand it is sometimes inevitable. Our ultimate goal is to protect your investment and property.

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